Welcome to W8fit

W8Fit is weighted women’s activewear that moves with a woman’s body, looks slimming, and adds resistance training. Each item has specially designed pockets that hold W8FIT weights. Whether it’s hitting the gym, running, dancing, playing sports, grocery shopping, or exploring the outdoors, W8FIT keeps you fit and in style.

How it Works

Your body burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. When you add weight to your body, your muscles work harder which burns more calories. Properly weighted clothes will intensify any activity or exercise, increasing the metabolic rate, doubling your results by burning more calories in the same amount of time and making any workout more effective. W8FIT weight is revolutionary in its design and versatility. The flat rectangle design allows for a comfortable fit against the body. Adjustable in ¼ lb and ½ lb increments: Weights are easily removed to customize overall weight to meet specific training needs.


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