Prettier Packaging is Not Necessarily Better

Women beware! Food advertisers play on our emotions. According to the Food Market Institute, women make
up 70% percent of grocery store consumers. Within that segment, an overwhelming 96% of us say that nutrition is important. Of course, we know it is, but food firms ambitiously use this information to tell us what’s good for our bodies, rather than letting us decide. Packages with words like “healthy,” “low fat” or “natural” fill every aisle. Remember
• Fat free foods are not always healthy
• Low fat foods are often just as caloric as their full fat counterparts
• Foods labeled “healthy” or “natural” aren’t always good for you

A healthy diet is more than just eating “low fat” or “light.” It’s about balance, flavor and eating foods your body can use. Do the best to make the most out of the conveniences available, and take the time to prepare a good meal every now and then.


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