Pre Work Out Snack Tips


Be in the carbohydrate-burning zone. Carbs give your body fuel, so make sure to have a small snack. Best lower calorie, carbohydrate-rich foods to blast fat:

                        -Cereal with skim milk and fruit

                        -Toast with light spread of peanut butter and banana

                        -Low-fat yogurt-fruit parfait

Don’t go for the Fiber – it gets your digestive system moving and fills you up, not the area you want full when you are doing crunches and trying to suck in. Best low fat, low fiber foods are:


            -Low-fat yogurt

            -Whole wheat English muffin

Protein after – Focus your attention on protein-rich snacks for after your workout when your muscles are more receptive to the powerful muscle-building affects of protein.

Digest. Give yourself 30-60 minutes to digest and then hit the gym. 


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