More muscles, less time

I teach a 50/50 class that combines cardio and muscle exercises. I always say the best exercises are the ones that focus on combination moves, not isolation exercises. A combo movement is something that engages every muscle in your body -such as a squat curl press, pushups with a twist, or lunges with bent over rows whereas isolation exercises focus only on one muscle group. The combination moves will make you stronger in less time.

Here are some tips to follow during combination strength training:

  • First, you should strengthen and stabilize your core area. All movement begins with the core so you’d better keep it tight. And, the majority of powerful movements start from the core.
  • Change up your daily movements to  involve twisting, rotating, turning, squatting, bending over, etc. Try to constantly challenge and improve your endurance and balance.
  • Vary your tools- exercises using barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls and resistance band exercises, etc. Most of all, make regular use of your own bodyweight. Use your natural body motions, and if you want to add resistance, consider weighted activewear.



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