How do you get motivated to workout?

How do you get motivated to workout?

You’ve got too much to do, your tired and cranky, you feel exhausted. It’s time to switch up your attitude and try these tips!

Try something new: Change your running route, try a new exercise class, read a fitness magazine for new exercise ideas.

Create a fun playlist: It is proven that music is a great way to get motivated to exercise- listening to upbeat music can improve your mood and help you get through even the toughest workout.

Try a cute outfit: Our favorite! Open up you closet and pick the brightest and cutest workout clothes. Visit if you need some bright pink accessories to go along with your cute look.

Get a caffeine fix: Sometimes an espresso shot or cup of green tea is the perfect way to give you that extra boost before you hit the gym. Caffeine has been proven to help with focus, mood and drive, and can even help out when it comes to burning body fat.

Make a date: Exercising with a training friend is fun and sociable, and you can push each other to work even harder.


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