Just change one thing this week – foods that will boost your workout

Three ways to make your workout better.

Image: Female athlete drinking water

Add Eggs

What an amazing source of protein. Eggs  are  also a great source of omega 3s which will help to protect your joints, so this helps  any exercise with high impact such as INSANITY or running. And because of the other nutrients in eggs, you absorb 100% of the protein that will also fill up that post-workout appetite.

Add Quinoa

We just told you how great eggs are for post-cardio, but another protein that is less talked about is quinoa. These tiny grains pack a punch when it comes to your protein content. It is a high quality protein with nine essential amino acids that is easily digested by the body. Quinoa also contains almost twice as much fiber as many other grains. Why not try something different? Here are some recipes we love:



Little Quinoa Patties





   Quinoa, Black Bean and Corn Tacos




Add Cayenne Pepper

This little spice is known for both its healing and metabolism boosting properties. It contains capsaicin which increases circulation of blood around the body. And it’s also full of vitamin A which is great for the skin. Add it to your soup, chicken, or even salad dressing.


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