Is it time for new Gym/Running Shoes?


You’ve found your favorite gym shoes, but even the perfect shoe has an expiration date.  Over time, the cushioning and tread breaks down, leaving your perfect shoes less effective. Running in shoes that have “expired”  increases stress and pressure on your joints, potentially causing injuries in your ankles, knees, legs, hips… even your back!

So, how do you know when you need to replace your gym shoes?


If you workout and wear your shoes 5-7 days a week, then you would want to replace your shoes every 3-4 months. I know this sounds quick, but your body will thank you. You can always save your old shoes for that mud run you wanted to try : )

If you use your shoes 3-4 days a weeks, then your closer to the 6 month mark.


Check the tread.  If the tread is wearing away, it’s definitely time to replace the shoes.

Pain in your body

If you are getting sores on the bottom of your feet, pain in your knees, or lower back pain, then it’s definitely time to change those shoes out.

As an aerobic instructor, I wear gym shoes every day. I always keep at least two shoes in my closet and switch back and forth between the pairs.   My foot is cushioned in a slightly different way in each pair and I’m hitting the ground in a different pattern with every workout.


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