Walk (or Run!) Off the Bulge

Walking and running are the quickest ways known to blast up to 25 % more calories, boost your energy instantly, and sculpt lean, sexy muscles! Learn about the best new gear to burn the bulge.

W8FIT weighted belt

Forget holding dumbbells, there is a better way to burn calories while you walk: wear a weighted belt. According to recent research,  a 140-pound woman might burn about 30 more calories on a 45-minute walk with a weighted belt. Experts suggest you start slow and with light weight to reduce injury risk: Begin by wearing two to three lbs and increase by one lb every few weeks until you reach the max weight on the belt.

You already know that walking is great for your arms, legs, butt, and heart, but here’s a little-known fact: It’s also a great way to flatten your belly. The W8FIT 5-7 lb Weighted Belt is perfect for adding resistance training and firming up your core. It is made out out neoprene that increases your thermal core temperature to help shed away unwanted inches.

Another tool for sculpting your arms is weighted wrist cuffs. While walking, bend your arms slightly and get a gentle swing going to the rhythm of your pace, and it will feel like you’ve done a weight session at the gym. Using the wrist cuffs works not just your upper and lower arms, but your shoulders as well. This is an easy and time saving way to boost the benefits of your walking/running routine. 

Now all you have to do is hit the pavement.


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