Top 3 Ways to Use a Weighted Belt



A few days ago, I was teaching with my 8 lb weighted belt. It made an intense workout very, very hard. I literally felt like I was holding an entire extra body around. My heart rate shot up, my lungs and muscles were burning, my body temperature went through the roof, and the next day I was way more sore and fatigued than usual.

And although you don’t need to workout in a weighted vest, this piece of fitness gear can come in quite handy as a potent tool for enhancing calorie burn, building strength and muscle faster, and increasing fat loss.

Tip #1: Body Weight Exercises with a Weighted Belt

It’s very simple to turn a body weight workout into a difficult routine by simply putting on a weighted belt.

  • 2 minute run
  • 20 weighted belt push-ups
  • 20 weighted belt squats
  • 20 weighted belt “get-ups” (simply lie on your back on the ground, then do a sit-up motion and stand up to your feet)
  • 20 weighted belt reverse lunges

Repeat these 5 moves as a circuit 4-6 times through.

Tip #2: Go on Weighted Belt Walk

Nature is beautiful, so get outside and add some resistance. Simply put a weighted belt and go for a walk or hike. Of course, you don’t have to simply wear a weighted belt during a hike. You can also wear it for walks around the neighborhood, at the park, or even doing stair repeats in a stadium or at a hotel. The sky’s the limit. The useful part about a weighted belt is that no matter where or how you move, it’s going to make any aspect of getting from point A to point B just a little bit more difficult.

Tip #3: Do Weighted Belt Chores

Whether you’re doing laundry, gardening, walking up and down the stairs in your house while cleaning, or any other household chore, you can get some “free” calorie burning by adding a little extra weight to your frame.

For this type of activity, you can even amplify the benefits of a weighted belt by wearing wrist weights. So if you’re concerned about getting funny looks for wearing your weighted belt at the gym, you can still sport a little extra weight in the comfort of your own home while doing activities you’d normally be doing anyways – without anyone noticing!


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