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W8Fit is weighted women’s activewear that moves with a woman’s body, looks slimming, and adds resistance training. Each item has specially designed pockets that hold W8FIT weights. Whether it’s hitting the gym, running, dancing, playing sports, grocery shopping, or exploring the outdoors, W8FIT keeps you fit and in style.

Maya Kaminsky, a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor in the fitness industry founded W8FIT in 2011 in Chicago, IL. Maya teaches a wide variety of classes in gyms all over Chicago, from Pilates to Kickboxing and everything in between. She always focuses on creative exercises and making the most of her client’s time.


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    • I would recommend using the wrist cuffs with slower paced strength exercises to start such as upright rows, front and side raises, and overhead presses to name a few. You can add 1/4 lb at a time to let your shoulders become stronger. We have many rehab clinics use the cuffs to build strength slowly. When you feel strong enough, then you can add the cuffs to walking and running.

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