Run Crop – 4 ½ lb pockets in the waist and 2 ¼ lb pockets on each leg

Boosts your bottom and make you feel lean and sexy during any type of workout. Wear ankle weights without the bulk. Color choices- Pink, Turquoise, Black

Racerback Tank – 1 ¼ lb pocket

Hard work has paid off, show off your sexy back and shoulders in this racerback tank. Color choices- White, Black, Turquoise, Purple, Pink

X-Training Pant – 4 ½ lb pockets in the waist

Squats…lunges…show off your hard work in these pants that hug you in all the right places. Color choices- Black, Purple, Turquoise

Thin Tank– 1 ¼ pocket

Fitness never looked so thin. The power mesh design has a slimming look on your waist. Color choices- Purple, White, Turquoise

Wrist Cuffs

Add up to ½ lb to each arm.

Great for holding keys, cards, money, and gels when running.

Color choices- Black, Purple, Turquoise


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